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Architectural Comment is a collection of writing about architectural work. The aim of this blog is to be accepted by architects and make architecture appealing to non-architects.


Please contact us to express your interest in our written interpretations that are useful for promoting ideas related to image and place.

Friends on the World-Wide-Web

Posting content on the internet is a challenging task for those without commensurate resource. It is possible to discover and meet a network of active participants who work and share independently, covering related subject-matter. Architectural Comment refers you to the editorial work of things, a magazine website where investigations and observant reflections about objects are shared.


This blog began as hobby-writing for Catherine Phan Gates who originally called them “archi-snippets” during the autumn of 2017. The archi-snippets addressed published architectural projects. After receiving positive response from architects, publicists, editorial, and a general audience, the blog “Architectural Comment” is now maintained.

Impressum for Architectural Comment, a blog

Asset owned by Catherine Gates, artist
Street: 11270 Exposition Blvd Los Angeles, CA #1671
Available only by appointment, which is scheduled through the contact form.
Email: architecturalcomment(at)yahoo.com
Telephone: +1 (424) 371-4632
Author: Catherine Phan Gates
Mail by post: P.O. Box 641671 Los Angeles, CA 90064-6671 U.S.A.


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