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A portfolio can be thought of as a set or range of things that have been collected by ownership or contribution over time. It can be reviewed, assessed, and admired. Designers understand something about audience and end users, at least because their product gets media coverage. Architects especially understand public work as it is framed… Continue reading Portfolio


Year-round Fresh Air at Day Camp

Tectoniques architects

Architecture is cultural medium connected to social infrastructure. A building is a venue for experiential learning about social values. The French architectural agency Tectoniques designed a day camp for school-age children when classes are not in session. On a pastoral hillside, overlooking the Rhône valley, this building was established with a functional priority. This community building shows its adaptability, smart detailing and a connection with nature.

Renewable Folded Shell

© Dennis Radermacher, photographer

Located near New Zealand estuarial waters, a community building is framed with pleated edges that form a zigzag perimeter. When people arrive to a community centre they arrange their personal effects along the wall: bags, mats, towels, and water bottles. The community of Mount Pleasant has individual-sized niches along the floor so they may separate… Continue reading Renewable Folded Shell

Place & Time, a Process

© Naquib Hossain

Architect Anna Heringer has worked on many projects with a community in Bangladesh over the years. Time and change are always influential. A site is always dynamic, even without construction activity. Keen awareness of relevant offsite trends is necessary to identify new activities and spaces.

Whole Cycle of Borrowed Material

It sounds impossible. No screws, no glue, no nails. It sounds ironic. Circular cruciform. Numbers don’t lie. 100% Zero. This is the People’s Pavilion, a central venue for the important 2017 annual event Dutch Design Week. The exploded isometric technical illustration shows the design clarity of a temporary architecture. Regional products and materials were constructed… Continue reading Whole Cycle of Borrowed Material